March comics

31 March, 2007


Leaping from the final pages of Civil War, this is the
*only place* readers can find out what happens next in the life of CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Trust us, folks, this oversized 25th issue will stun
readers and send shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe for the next year!
Rated T+ …$3.99

WTF?!! I just cannot believe it! They killed Captain America!! 9/10

Comorl?!! No puedo creerlo! Han matado al Capitan America!! 9/10

The post war Marvel Universe begins here! The war is over!! Let the healing begin!! This all-new special written by Brian Bendis, especially for modern legend Marc Silvestri, debuts the all new IRON MAN, OMEGA FLIGHT, MIGHTY AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS and with a special chapter written by Warren Ellis...THUNDERBOLTS! Each chapter is an important all-new prologue for each of these huge new series!
64 PGS./RATED T+ …$4.99

Lots of previews, but nothing definitive. Let's see next months. 5/10

Muchos previews, pero nada concluyente. A ver los próximos meses. 5/10

Roland has incurred the wrath of the evil sorcerer Marten, and must flee his home in Gilead with two of his young friends. But arriving in the supposedly friendly town of Hambry may be no safer, for the dreaded agents of Marten are abroad—The Coffin Hunters! Though it’s not all completely bleak as Roland meets the woman who will become the love of his young life—the beautiful Susan Delgado. Plus: Learn more about the land of the Dark Tower with exclusive bonus material!
48 PGS./CARDSTOCK COVER/Parental Advisory …$3.99
©2007 Stephen King. All rights reserved.

Not read yet. Wainting for the HC.

Sin leer. Esperando a la edición en tapa dura.

CIVIL WAR tie-in
The double-sized 45th Anniversary Issue of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine! The super hero Civil War is drawing to a close! But with the betrayals, backstabbing and shifting alliances, who will be the Fantastic Four when all is said and done?
64 PGS./Rated A ...$3.99

Double sized special, with the presentation of the new FF, and other two anniversary stories. 6/10

Especial doble, con la presentación de los nuevos FF y otras dos historias especiales por el aniversario. 6/10

This is it true believers, the cross-over of the century begins here! The Marvel Zombies come face-to-face with Dynamite Entertainment's Ash from the Army of Darkness! Ash has faced legions of the undead before, but never like this…as he lands in the heart of New York just as the Zombie outbreak begins! See how his actions help turn more heroes and villains into Zombies! Under the watchful eye of Marvel Zombie guru Robert Kirkman, this might just be the comic event of 2007! Plus: The entire series will feature classic “homage” covers from painter Arthur Suydam!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

I'll wait for the HC, but... it will be a very long wait! I want to read it now!!

Esperare al HC, pero... va a ser una espera muy larga! Quiero leerlo yaaa!


The wait is over!! The Mighty Avengers assemble!! Gathered together to be the greatest Avengers team ever, but who picked them?? And why?? And which A-list Avengers villain returns, revamped and reloaded for the ultimate revenge. Big super hero adventures every month from the multi-award winning team of Bendis and Cho.
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Danvers leading the Avengers? Ultron online? WTF??!! By the way, I don't like the way the comic is written. Too many dialogues, too long, also. And too many thought clouds. 5/10

Danvers liderando The Avengers? Ultron online? Qué coño es esto?? Por cierto, no me gusta como está escrito el comic. Muchos diálogos, y muy largos, y muchos bocadillos de pensamientos. 5/10

The White Event. The most startling celestial phenomenon ever witnessed by the human race. The phenomenon that branded Ken Connell, embedded the ultimate doomsday weapon in his palm. He’s out of his mind with grief, mourning the loss of his girlfriend and his former life. And to make matters worse, an army tasked with wiping out all signs of superhuman power is on its way to exterminate him.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Interesting issue. 7/10

Número interesante. 7/10

It’s Thor versus Hulk for the throw-down of the millennium! But how can this be!?! How can Hulk and Thor be face-to-face!?! What sort of inter-dimensional havoc has the return of Onslaught wreaked? And why don’t Reed Richards and Sue Storm know their own son? The mysteries deepen as the action never lets up!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Who can stop Onslaught? 7/10

Quien puede detener a Onslaught? 7/10

It’s war! The Shi’ar Empire is back doing what it does best, conquering and killing! The X-Men, Star Jammers, and the ousted Lilandra must fight their way through legions of the mighty Shi’ar in the hope to free the imprisoned Charles Xavier!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

We're approaching the ending of the saga and it's getting more and more exciting! 8/10

Nos acercamos al final de la saga y se pone cada vez más interesante! 8/10

Ghost Rider, a militant, gun-toting sheriff and a possessed-by-Lucifer Jack O'Lantern. Mix them all up, shake...and stand back. It's bad vs. evil vs. crazy in a free-for-all that will leave the town of Sleepy Hollow forever changed--if it leaves it standing at all.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Jhonnie has to cath Lucifer before is too late. 6/10

Jhonnie tiene que atrapar a Lucifer antes de que sea demasiado tarde. 6/10


Only three months back on the job, and they’re crawling out of the woodwork. The gangsters and hoods with old axes to grind -- them you expected, but not this guy: Someone who knows you, someone who wants your undivided attention and is willing to do anything to get it. And certainly not the fugitive Captain America, who shows up at your doorstep, wanting a word. Maybe he thinks he can harness all your excess energy into something useful...something that can aid him in his grudge match with Tony Stark in the CIVIL WAR tearing through the Marvel U? Maybe this war is worth winning at any cost? And you get to thinking...
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99

Placed before CW 6 and 7... I wonder why they didn't publish it before CW 6 and 7. 6/10

Tiene lugar antes de CW 6 y 7... me pregunto porqué no lo publicaron antes de CW 6 y 7. 6/10

It’s the New Avengers versus Elektra and the Hand, AND the New Avengers versus the Mighty Avengers. You think the war is over?? The war is over when Luke Cage says it is!!!
Rated A …$2.99

Cage: 'We are the Avengers'. 'Nuff said!! 8/10

Cage: 'Nosotros somos los Vengadores'. Con eso es suficiente!! 8/10

The conclusion! X-23 and Hellion have stormed the Facility to rescue Mercury. And as if Kimura and a hundred Facility agents wasn't bad enough, something is roaming the halls of the Facility... something designed to feed on mutants. Predator X is on the loose, and nothing will ever be the same for the New X-Men! Part 4 (of 4)!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Nice conclusion for a nice story arch. 7/10

Buena conclusión para un buen arco. 7/10

A searing vision of Spider-Man’s future, brought to you by rising star Kaare Andrews (INCREDIBLE HULK). He was hiding in plain sight, waiting to dash the spark of hope whenever it came. Venom is back and you won’t believe how he’s changed. For Peter Parker, it all comes down to this. How much fight does he have left in him? Who can he turn to if he can’t do it himself?
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Amazing. Just perfect. The perfect end for the best LS I've read in a long time. 10/10

Increíble. Perfecto. El final perfecto para la mejor LS que he leído en mucho tiempo. 10/10

The secret of Logan’s son! Intent on freeing his son from the secret society that has controlled him since birth, Logan has been scouring the earth to find him. Now that he's located and isolated his boy, it's time to make his move---but is the son walking into the trap...or the father?
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

Not read yet. Waiting for the HC.

Sin leer aún. Esperando al HC.


“Back in Black,” Part 1
Look what someone found in their closet! Reeling in the aftermath of the Civil War that’s wracked the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker has got plenty of reasons to consider a change of wardrobe. Black is his state of mind. But the worst is yet to come for Spider-Man. Get on board here, True Believer, as we gear up for an event that will forever change the life of your favorite web-slinger. There IS no going back.
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Amazing. Btw, he is launching webs in T-shirt... is that just a blunder or a consequence of The Other? 9/10

Alucinante. Por cierto, esta lanzando redes en manga corta... eso es un patinazo o una consecuencia de El Otro?? 9/10

Anita Blake has become deeply involved in a murder mystery that threatens to shake the foundations of the vampire underworld of St. Louis, and she's not about to let the roadblocks she's encountered thus far stop her from solving the case. But she won't be able to do it alone - she's going to need the help of Phillip, a vampire junkie who can help her gain access to people and places she'd never be able to enter on her own. including a special vampire party where hunters like herself are definitely not welcome. Masterfully adapted from the novel by New York Times Best-selling Author Laurell K. Hamilton, ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER offers a thrilling ride through a world where vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night are legal citizens of the United States and where hunters like Anita Blake are called in whenever things get out of hand. Discover why this title is already being called the "surprise hit of 2006" by readers and critics alike!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

Not read yet. I've enjoyed the previous very much and I decided to buy it.

Sin leer aún. He disfrutado mucho los anteriores y he decidido comprarlo.

What’s happening to Cable? The mummudrai—a parasitic life form—has been set loose on Providence. Now, Cable’s vision for a perfect society is thrown into chaos when he must fight to save his territory—and his own mind—from this new predator.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Hmmm... I'm sure this description is for another comic. In Cable & Deadpool 38, Deadpool have to rescue Agent X, stucked 4 inches high! 8/10

Hmmm... estoy seguro de que esta descripción corresponde a otro comic. En Cable & Deadpool 38, Deadpool tiene que rescatar al Agente X... pero sigue midiendo 4 pulgadas! 8/10

The final shots have been fired. The Civil War has ended. A victor has emerged. Now, S.H.I.E.L.D. has prepared the BATTLE DAMAGE REPORT, an intelligence dossier assessing the impact of the war and the dangers the nation still faces. BATTLE DAMAGE REPORT provides a closing chapter to CIVIL WAR and a glimpse of the new status quo of the Marvel Universe!
64 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Downloaded, not readed. 64 pages of files and descriptions of superheroes. Booooring.

Descargado, pero no leido. 64 páginas de archivos y descripciones de superheroes. Aburriiiiido.

An alternate Earth’s existence hangs in the balance as Psylocke must face the brainwashed Exiles, who are now slaves of the Hand and on a deadly and destructive path. This world’s Sue Storm and Wolverine promise to make things NOT better!
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Not read yet. Waiting for the TPB.

Sin leer aún. Esperando al TPB.

The Riftwar has begun! Pug and Tomas travel with a party sent to Elvandar to consult the elven queen about the invading Tsurani. But their path is fraught with peril, and they'll have other problems along the way, like raiding parties from the moredhel, better known as the Brotherhood of the Dark Path.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

More surprises and... get ready for war! 8/10

Más sorpresas y... preparaos para la guerra! 8/10


As the Fantastic Four’s leader Reed Richards languishes in the other-dimensional home world of the Squadron Supreme, Nick Fury’s not taking it lying down! He and the Ultimates plan to bring him back…by any means necessary. What could happen next?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Everyone has his own agenda in this incredible saga! 8/10

Cada cual tiene su propia agenda en esta increíble saga! 8/10

X-23: TARGET X #4<
X-23's new life comes burning down all around her as the Facility makes its move to take her back. She's faced overwhelming odds before, but not like this. Now X-23 has to save innocent lives instead of take them, and she has to do it with the one person she cannot defeat gunning for her. Who is Kimura? The beginning of the end starts here!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99

I'm glad I saw in New X-Men what Frost did to Kimura... 8/10

Me alegro de haber visto en New X-Men lo que Frost le hizo a Kimura. 8/10

Introducing the X-Mutant Attack Division--X-MAD--a group of former mutants convinced that M-Day was a result of a government plan to destroy mutants! And when this terrorist organization launches an assault on the government and then takes refuge in Mutant Town, X-Factor finds itself caught in the middle.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Keepin' it fresh and different. Amusing the joke about saving a cheerleader. 8/10

Manteniendose fresca y diferente. Genial el chiste de salvar a la cheerleader. 8/10

X-MEN #197
Rogue lays battered and bruised and close to death! The X-Men must rush to save her life, but while trying to save their fallen teammate, Lady Mastermind might have unleashed a hidden danger that may threaten everyone on the planet! Lead-up issues to the milestone 200th issue!
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

No, I'm not gonna read it. I'll wait for the TPB.

No, no lo he leido aún. Me esperaré al TPB.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are our sworn enemies! They want to make conquerors of Homo Superior, and we X-Men stand against that—especially when they use young mutants like that Scarlet Witch! Isn't that right, Angel! Angel...?
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Waiting for a paper edition.

Esperando a una edición en papel.

Luna is forced to make a heart-breaking choice that could cost her life as the Inhumans finally track Quicksilver to Mutant Town and we see just how far he has descended into madness. This is a man who has seen the future and if his prophecies come true, things are looking very bleak for the Inhumans. If that wasn’t bad enough, when Madrox and Layla arrive, things really get messed up.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

There's something wrong with Maximus, there's something wrong with Black Bolt, and for sure there's something wrong with Quicksilver. 8/10

Algo huele mal con Maximus, algo huele mal con Rayo Negro, y desde luego algo huele mal con Mercurio. 8/10


The young X-Men are leaderless. And in the wake of their tragedy, Scott Summers reaches a momentous decision: Disband the X-Men! Yes, you read it right. Is this the end of Xavier’s dream? And if so, what does this mean for the evil mutants who may rush in to fill the power vacuum? It all begins to unravel…
PART 2 {of 2)
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

If there's something I like about Ultimate X-Men is that there are no resurrections (well, maybe they just didn't have time enough yet), but I'm glad to see things are going to stay like that. 8/10

Si hay algo que me gusta del Ultimate X-Men es que no hay resurrecciones (bueno, igual no han tenido tiempo aún), pero me alegro de que las cosas vayan a seguir como están. 8/10

Y si tuvieras super-poderes?

28 March, 2007

What if you had super powers?? Upset with the lack of comments in my last posts (almost 200 weekly visits, and a 20% of returning visitors... come on!!! I know who you are and where do you live!!!!) I thought about a post where you all must participate.

What if you had super powers?? Which one would you like to have??
In my case, it is very clear. I would like to have telekinesis (tk from now on). And I'm not talking just about wearing tights and fighting crime (although possible). Tk could make your life easier, funnier, and definetively more interesting. Imagine. You wake up in the morning. Open the window and turn on the computer from the bed. Prepare breakfast while you dress up. Go flying to the Campus... and so on.
Going out at night would be better also. No one will push you with your tk-shield, and you could softly push girls towards you. You never need to buy a drink, you just get it. And if you see any asshole trying to start a fight, you tk-punch him from wherever you are.

Yes, of course, you could also dedicate your life to fight crime. You could cover yourself and your friends with tk-shields, rip guns in half, tk-hit your enemies. Because I'm not talking about a lame tk to move a pen over a table, or bend spoons. I'm talking about a tk as powerful as Hellion's or Psylocke's. I'm talking about breaking down walls and tearing tanks in half.

And you?? Which super-power would you like to have?? (note: not allowed combos, like enhanced senses + healing factor + claws, or invisibility + force field; neither allowed leechers nor mimics)

Y si tuvieras super poderes?? Mosqueado con la escasez de comentarios en los últimos post (casi 200 visitas semanales, y el 20% de usuarios recurrentes... venga!! Qué sé quienes sois y dónde vivís!!) he pensado en un post para que todos participeis.

Y si tuvierais super poderes?? Cuál os gustaría tener??
En mi caso, lo tengo muy claro: telekinesis (tk de ahora en adelante). Y no me refiero sólo a llevar unas mallas de colores y luchar contra el crimen (aunque tampoco se descarta). Tk te hace la vida más fácil, más divertida y, desde luego, más interesante. Imaginad. Te levantas por la mañana. Abres la ventana y enciendes el ordenador desde la cama. Preparas el desayuno mientras te vistes. Vas volando a clase...
Salir por la noche también sería mucho mejor. Nadie te empujaría con tu escudo tk, y podrías acercarte las chicas suavemente. Nunca necesitarías sacar una copa, simplemente la coges. Y si ves a algún gilipollas montando jaleo, le das una hostia tk desde donde estés.

También está, por supuesto, la posibilidad de dedicar tu vida a luchar contra el crimen. Podrías proteger a todo tu equipo con escudos tk, destrozar armas, y golpear tk a tu enemigos. Porque no estoy hablando de una tk cutre de mover lápices en la mesa, o doblar cucharas. Estoy hablando de una tk al nivel de Hellion o Mariposa. Estoy hablando de tirar abajo paredes y abrir tanques como un abrelatas.

Y tú?? Qué super poder te gustaría tener?? (nota: no se permiten combos, como sentidos mejorados + factor curativo + garras, o invisibilidad + campo de fuerza; tampoco se permiten parásitos o mímicos).


19 March, 2007

Copipasteo de Cosas de frikis: palabra friki sirve para designar a la nueva überraza de la humanidad... ¡el Homo Frikus! ¡Capaz de almacenar más datos en su cerebro que ninguna otra clase de ser humano gracias al caos de los Universos Marvel y DC! ¡Con más reflejos y dedos más hábiles gracias a las videoconsolas! ¡Con el ingenio agudizado hasta el límite gracias a los juegos de rol!

Sí. Últimamente estoy vago. Y sí, sé que algunos estáis esperando el post de mi cumple, pero yo estoy esperando las fotos de Ángel, que es más vago que yo.

SPOILER GORDO. No digais que no aviso.

15 March, 2007

Copio y pego de 'La carcel de Papel':

Curiosa las reacciones que ha suscitado la dichosa muerte del Capitán América, pero una de las que más me sigue sorprendiendo es la de las quejas reiteradas de los aficionados ante los medios que han dado la noticia, acusándolos de “destrozarles” la sorpresa.
Pues no estoy de acuerdo, señoras y señores, no estoy de acuerdo con ese argumento.
Mucha gente ha puesto el grito en el cielo hacia los medios de comunicación (incluyendo a los muchos blogs que han dado la noticia), lamentándose de su actitud al dar a conocer la noticia y comparando el hecho con haber anunciado a los cuatro vientos que el amigo Willis estaba muerto nada más estrenarse El Sexto Sentido. No dudo de la honestidad de su planteamiento, pero hay un error de base importante: el foco de sus iras. Lo siento, pero la culpa no es de los medios. Éstos sólo han actuado de correa de transmisión de la editorial, que convocó ruedas de prensa para dar a conocer la noticia. Y, que yo sepa, el señor Joe Quesada no reunió a periódicos, radios y televisiones para decirles “shhhhh… a ver, hemos matado al Capitán América, pero no podéis decirlo, volved a vuestros despachos y callaros por favor, que es una sorpresa y no queremos que nadie se entere”. No, lo que les dijo el sr. Quesada es ”tíos, ¡que hemos matado al Capitán! ¡Proclamadlo a los vientos para que todo el mundo se entere y se compre el dichoso tebeo, joder!”. Que yo sepa, no recuerdo que ni los productores de El Sexto Sentido ni el señor Shyamalayanyáncomosellame diese una rueda de prensa diciendo “¡hey amigos! ¡Id todos a ver la película que el Willis está muerto!”.
Es una situación clónica de la ocurrida con la muerte de Superman, donde previo a su muerte se convocó a todos los medios o en el desenmascaramiento de Spiderman en Civil War donde, curiosamente, también hubo ruedas de prensa de por medio.
Si se considera que dentro de la trama argumental, este hecho es una sorpresa que, por respeto al lector, no debería revelarse, tengo clarísimo que ese respeto se ha perdido desde el primer eslabón de la cadena: la propia editorial.
Sin embargo, pese a lo anteriormente dicho, tampoco creo que el Sr. Quesada deba ser emplumado con brea y quemado en público. Ha hecho lo que tiene que hacer un editor: publicitar un tebeo. Ha emprendido una “arriesgada” campaña de mercadotecnia para que uno de sus iconos reciba más atención mediática que nunca y, con un poco de suerte, duplicar las ventas de su serie (de hecho, hace meses que se sabía que el número 25 tendría una segunda edición inmediata… curioso, ¿no?). Lo que, desde luego, no es malo: es su trabajo y lo hace bien. El problema es que los aficionados más acérrimos pueden confundir en estas épocas de globalización la continuidad y la obligada discreción hacia las sorpresas argumentales con los golpes de efecto de cara al mercado. Es evidente que la dichosa muerte de Steve Rogers no está buscando atraer al lector habitual de la serie. Es más, ni siquiera piensa en él, lo que está en el pensamiento del editor es conseguir que aquellos lectores que dejaron la serie hace años, que alguna vez se interesaron por el personaje o, simplemente, que tienen morbo por el tema, compren compulsivamente todo este arco argumental, con los pingües beneficios que eso supone. Incluso me atrevería a lanzar la hipótesis de un posible relanzamiento del personaje, con nueva identidad, que se pudiera vender como un “año uno” y, por tanto, como un nuevo inicio que atrajese a esos compradores que están hasta los huevos de la continuidad y no quieren tener que cargar con la rémora de cientos y cientos de comics books anteriores.
Pero que no se lancen fatwas contra los medios: sólo han hecho lo que la editorial quería que hiciesen.

Porqué he copiado este artículo? Porque me siento totalmente identificado con la opinión de Álvaro. Yo leo las ediciones americanas, y respeto a los que se esperan a que malediten las cosas en España, pero... sinceramente, creo que hoy por hoy es menos el esfuerzo de leer algo en inglés (incluso para esos que lo suspendiais en el cole) que pasarte más de medio año filtrando lo que ves, lo que lees o lo que oyes, en un intento por mantenerte en la burbuja de retraso a.k.a. España. No ves trailers de las películas que luego irás a ver al cine? Eso también podría considerarse spoiler, no? Todos sabemos que Spiderman 3 va sobre el traje negro, todos hemos visto esas secuencias con el Hombre de Arena, y escenas del campanario. Cuál es la diferencia entre eso y que yo comente que Spiderman se ha desenmascarado en una rueda de prensa, que el Capitan América ha muerto, que Mar-vell ha resucitado o que a la Bruja Escarlata se le ha ido la pinza y ha puesto todo el mundo patas arriba??

Vuelvo a poner el ejemplo de siempre... yo sabía como acababa LOTR y fui a verla al cine de todas formas. Y después de leerlo 3 veces, sigo llorando al final. El que se queja es porque quiere.

South Park is back!!

13 March, 2007

Yes, dudes. South Park is back. Get ready for the 11th season, and follow all the news in the South Park official page.
Already aired the first episode, With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, with better sound, better animation, and the same rotten humour as always.

Oh! Yes, and you can read online the Rolling Stone article 'Still sick, still wrong', about this 10 great years of South Park!

Si, tios. South Park ya ha vuelto. Preparaos para la temporada #11, y seguid todas las noticias en la pagina oficial de South Park.
Ya se ha emitido el primer episodio, With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, con mejor sonido, mejor animacion, y el mismo humor corrosivo de siempre.

Ah! Y podeis leer online el articulo de la revista Rolling Stone 'Still sick, still wrong', acerca de estos geniales 10 años de South Park! (sorry, solo está en inglés...)

February comics

05 March, 2007


The White Event. The most startling celestial phenomenon ever witnessed by the human race. The phenomenon that served as the backdrop for the Latvian landslip that unearthed the very tomb archeologist Len Carson was searching for. The tomb’s discovery was such an unlikelihood that it begs the question: Was its emergence during the White Event merely a coincidence?
Acclaimed writer Warren Ellis (NEXTWAVE) and superstar artist Salvador Larroca (X-MEN) bring you this new universe — a universe witnessing superhuman power for the first time.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

So great! 9/10

Genial! 9/10

A searing vision of Spider-Man’s future, brought to you by rising star Kaare Andrews (INCREDIBLE HULK).
The rumors are true -- he’s back. Come down from the mountain like a righteous wraith of vengeance, dispensing rough justice and then swinging off into the night. Things were going well, too…that is, until Mayor Waters dispatched his contingency plan -- the newly reassembled Sinister Six -- and things got complicated. Now Peter Parker isn’t just fighting for his very life, but to keep alive the spark of hope that’s been squelched under Waters' boot. But first, he’ll have to contend with the thing that was formerly known as Otto Octavius.
48 PGS./CARDSTOCK COVER/Rated T+ …$3.99

I cannot wait for the last issue! 9/10

No puedo esperar al último número!! 9/10

Now begins the fall of the Shi’ar Empire! Vulcan and Deathbird have started their coup and they brought help: former mad emperor, D’Ken! Part 9 (of 12)!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Would be Vulcan able to put aside his wrath?? 8/10

Será Vulcan capaz de dejar de lado su rabia?? 8/10

Black eyes, broken jaws, and multiple-fractured limbs---Angela del Toro aka White Tiger keeps on dishing out pain with a vengeance to the felons of New York City. She is still in hot pursuit of the murder-for-profit crime syndicate Chaeyi. Plus, Sano Orii and the all-new deadly Cobra have confronted her at every answer’s turn, so far. And much like any hotshot rookie, Del Toro has to deal with unwanted public exposure, compliments of the Daily Bugle.
If masked life wasn’t bruising or brutal enough, Angela gets mauled by a vicious-but-familiar villain; “enjoys” a little bit of quality time---sparring---with the one-and-only Luke Cage; and finally, catches a break with a solid lead on Chaeyi. Too bad, an all-out battle with Cobra leaves her a bloody mess on a rooftop. Welcome to the jungle! Is White Tiger going to die?
32 PGS/Parental Advisory …$2.99

Good issue. 8/10

Buen número. 8/10

X-23: TARGET X #3
X-23’s bloody past continues to unfold, and the man called Wolverine is haunting her every step of the way! What is Trigger Scent, and what are the Facility’s plans to re-capture X-23? And what does the Kingpin of Crime have to do with it? Captain America and Daredevil are along for the ride as X-23 digs her claws deeper into the Marvel Universe, and not everyone is going to make it out alive.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

Poor girl... 8/10

Pobre chica... 8/10


Rogue and her team have unfinished business on board the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier - business that concerns the twins, Northstar and Aurora, and a last-ditch attempt to restore them to their right minds. But a powerful enemy from the X-Men's past has a different agenda - and his plans to hijack the Helicarrier for his own uses lead to a terrible revelation.
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Nothing special. 7/10

Nada especial. 7/10

Who dares challenge the judgment of the Phoenix? The showdown at the Weapons Plus super-soldier creation facility known as “The World” reaches its shocking climax as the Cuckoos embrace their destiny — and Emma Frost makes the most terrifying decision of her life.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Not read. Waiting for the TPB

Sin leer. Esperando al TPB.

The secret is out! With the knowledge that Colossus is the mutant destined to destroy Breakworld, what will Ord’s next move be?! And what exactly has happened to Cyclops?! Part 2 (of 6)!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

Well, we don't get to know what happened to Cyclops, but for sure we got a lot of action! 9/10

Bueno, no llegamos a saber aún qué le ha pasado a Cíclope, pero seguro que tenemos un montón de acción! 9/10

While Psylocke is welcomed to the team through mortal combat with Sabretooth, Blink finds herself up against an army of Hand warriors and the Madam Hydra of this world is revealed to be…let’s just say the gang is in for stormy weather.
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Not read. I'll buy the TPB.

Sin leer. Compraré el TPB.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois,” Part 1 (of 5)
In a small town northeast of Chicago, people are losing their heads…literally. The sheriff of this sleepy little town firmly believes he’s found the culprit—a scruffy drifter found sleeping in the bushes with blood on his clothes and no believable explanation for where he was and what he was doing when the murders occurred. He even gave the sheriff a fake name: “Johnny Blaze.” But the identity of the true culprit is even more macabre: Lucifer has taken up residence in a new host – a casualty of CIVIL WAR who’s bound to raise eyebrows! And what does this all have to do with CIVIL WAR?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

He won't stop until Satan is back in hell! 7/10

No parará hasta que Satanás esté de vuelta en el Infierno! 7/10

“FALLEN FRIEND” Part 1 (of 2)
Chris Claremont makes his triumphant return to NEW EXCALIBUR with one of the most personal stories of his career. One of the team's members suddenly succumbs to an all-too-real tragedy. The team must pull together and care for their fallen friend while their own lives fall to pieces. Also, this issue features the debut of all-new ongoing penciler, Scot Eaton! Plus covers from legendary X-Artist Salvador Larroca!
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

New creative team, new story-arch... let's see how it gets. 7/10

Nuevo equipo creativo, nuevo arco argumental,... veamos como se pone. 7/10

As Mercury’s torture continues, X-23 and Hellion discover the horrific agenda behind their teammate’s abduction. What is Predator X? The New X-Men are about to find out in the most painful way possible as they put it all on the line to save their friend from the Facility that created X-23. The fallout from ‘X-23: Target X’ continues here! Part 3 (of 4)!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

X-23 and Hellion against the whole Facility? This could be interesting! 8/10

X-23 y Hellion contra la Facility? Esto puede ser interesante! 8/10


To all those who HAVEN’T been buying NEXTWAVE–
Thanks a lot, jerks! This is the last issue! To all those who HAVE been buying NEXTWAVE– YOU RULE!! Do not miss this pulse-pounding conclusion to the greatest work of western literature EVER! Hamlet? Horrible. War and Peace? What-a-joke! The Great Gatsby? The Great Lame-by, maybe. Those works are going to be moved to the Bad Section of your local bookstores after this issue comes out. Don't miss this or you won’t know what your children’s children are reading in school.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

I must get this serie and check if it's as good as they say...

Tengo que conseguir esta serie y ver si es tan buena como dicen.

After the devastating events of the previous few issues, the X-Men must deal with their loss and move forward…but is
everything as it seems? And how will the X-Men’s foes react to their emerging status quo? Who lives? Who leaves? And what is…the Shadow King?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Xavier is dead. And what now? 7/10

Xavier ha muerto. Y ahora qué? 7/10

“Swift and Terrible,” Part 1 (of 5)
Having finally seen his face, Wolverine sets out to rescue his son from the grasp of the shadow society that once enslaved him. But Logan’s son doesn’t want to be saved—he wants revenge…against Logan, the father who abandoned him.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

Not read yet. Waiting for the TPB

Sin leer. Esperando al TPB

Conclusion to “THE WAR AT HOME,” an official tie-in to “Civil War.”
The Civil War shaking the Marvel Universe races to its climax -- with Spider-Man caught right in the middle. Where else would we expect to find him?
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99

I'm sure she will not die, but anyway... wow! 8/10

Estoy seguro de que no va a morir, pero aún así,... wow! 8/10

He's a rough n' ready lumbering tank with a great big mad-on for the Merc With A Mouth. The last time these two faced off, Deadpool turned Rhino into a keychain. What happens when Deadpool tracks down Spidey's favorite rawhide in order to make amends for past misdeeds?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Why is still called Cable & Deadpool if Cable don't even show? 7/10.

Porqué se sigue llamando Cable Y Deadpool si Cable nisiquiera aparece ya? 7/10

It all ends here! The startling battle that will determine the future of the Marvel Universe!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

I must confess it dissapointed me a little... I was waiting for something more... epic? 7/10

Debo confesar que me ha decepcionado un poco... esperaba algo más... épico? 7/10

It all comes down to this. Trapped between Hell and a hot place, Daimon Hellstorm unveils his trap -- and teaches his old man a thing or two in the process.
This is The Son of Satan as you’ve never seen him before, brought to you by acclaimed novelist Alexander Irvine (The Narrows), with searing art by Russell Braun (Animal Man) and Klaus Janson.
32 PGS./Explicit Content …$3.99

A good end for a good story. 9/10

Un buen final para una buena historia. 9/10

Deep beneath the Pentagon the O*N*E is experimenting on the captured Inhumans with horrifying results. On Attilan, while pressure builds for all-out war on humankind, Quicksilver’s young daughter Luna uses her developing powers of empathy to probe the dark corners inside the mind of Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus the Mad.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

A bit outside of Marvel continuity, but it seems to be a good story... so far. 8/10

Un poco fuera de la continuidad Marvel, pero hasta ahora parece una buena historia. 8/10


Fighting alongside Captain America’s renegade forces, the Black Panther and Storm embark on a mission of
unprecedented importance to the war. Everyone -- we mean everyone -- will be there.
Rated T+ …$2.99

Nothing to add to CW. 6/10

Nada que añadir a CW. 6/10


A good new point of view on Stark's involvement on the Civil War! 8/10

Un punto de vista novedoso acerca de la involucración de Stark en la Civil War! 8/10

Six issues weren’t enough for NEIL GAIMAN and JOHN ROMITA, JR.’s epic tale of Ikaris and his fellow Eternals! Who are these strange figures? Why are they here? And what does this mean to Iron Man, registration and the Civil War? The Eternals cannot be ignored.
32 PGS./Rated T+…$3.99

The end? Or the beggining? 9/10

El fin? O el principio? 9/10

“FALLEN FRIEND” Part 2 (of 2)
Chris Claremont makes his triumphant return to NEW EXCALIBUR with one of the most personal stories of his career. One of the team's members suddenly succumbs to an all-too-real tragedy. The team must pull together and care for their fallen friend while their own lives fall to pieces. Also, this issue features the debut of all-new ongoing penciler, Scot Eaton! Plus covers from legendary X-Artist Salvador Larroca!
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Well... that's what I call a sudden turn! 8/10

Bueno, eso es lo que yo llamo un giro repentino! 8/10

James Maddocks: A good man. A family man. A man of God, who opens the door in his Minnesota home one day to discover himself face-to-face with his "maker"--Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, come to remove the runaway dupe from the home and life he's created for himself. How far will Maddocks go to save his existence...and will Jamie be willing to destroy Maddocks' life in order to be whole once more?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Well, as I said many times before, is not easy at all being the Multiple Man! 8/10

Bueno, como he dicho muchas veces, no es nada fácil ser el Hombre Múltiple! 8/10

X-MEN #196
"Primary Infection"
The X-Men confront Pandemic and the Plague Dogs, but too late to stop Rogue from being infected with strain 88. How desperate do you have to be when Sabretooth is your ace in the hole? And will the cure turn out to be worse than the disease? Part 3 (of 3)
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Good story. And despite I still don't like Ramos... I'm getting used to it. 8/10

Buena historia. Y aunque sigue sin gustarme Ramos... me voy acostumbrando. 8/10


01 March, 2007

It was the second century of mankind's arrival on earth
when the Gods of Light took up on arms against one of their own.
Bala, a fallen God, had rejected the old ways of the Pantheon
and sought to impose his dominion over man.

Feeding off the forced worship of men, Bala had grown
too powerful for the Pantheon to take him on alone
So the pure Gods each sacrificed a part of themselves,
to create a powerful entity.

She is Devi.

Ok, I'm a Marvel zombie, but it's nice to discover now and then other comics, specially when what you discover is as good as Devi. In this case, the comic I want to talk about is one of the newest releases by Virgin comics.
Created by Shekhar Kapur, this serie is written by Siddharth Kotian, with art by Mukesh Singh. They are all Indians, I think, and thus the way to tell the story may be a bit different to what we are used in the west, but, believe me, all them are every bit as good as other very reputated artists.
The story so far (7 issues have been published) is that Bala has returned, and he is seeking for some crafts that will allow him to recover his full power. But Devi has returned also. With some mortal humans and some powerful creatures involved, the action, the blood and the betrayal are guaranteed.
A very good story, a very good art... I don't know what are you waiting to get it!!

De acuerdo, soy un Marvel zombie, pero es agradable descubrir de vez en cuando otros comics, especialmente cuando lo que descubres es tan bueno como Devi. En este caso, el comic del que os voy a hablar es uno de los nuevos lanzamientos de Virgin comics.
Creada por Shekhar Kapur, esta serie está escrita por Siddharth Kotian, con dibujos de Mukesh Singh. Son todos indios, creo, y por tanto la forma de contar la historia puede que sea un poco distinta a lo que estamos acostumbrados en occidente, pero, creedme, ninguno de ellos tiene nada que envidiar a otros reputados artistas.
La historia hasta ahora (7 números) es que Bala ha vuelto, y está buscando una serie de artefactos que le permitirán recuperar todo su poder. Pero Devi también ha regresado. Con algunos humanos mortales y algunas criaturas más poderosas involucrados, la acción, la sangre y las traiciones están aseguradas.
Una muy buena historia, con unos dibujos geniales... no sé que estais esperando a conseguirla!!